The  immune system does a lot of beneficial functions in the body in defending the body against disease causing organism;But when this system fails,the pathogens invade the body system unopposed and cause sickness to the individual. Due to this,the immune system should be boosted or updated through natural means(diets &  supplement) and medically via use of drugs.
                Generally, effect of lifestyle on immune system cannot be overlooked and should be researched. Some research has shown that diet,exercise,age,physiological states,environment e.t.c has a lot to do on the immune system.Therefore,healthy living plans are good ways to boost the immune system for excellent function.

               HEALTHY WAYS TO BOOST THE                            IMMUNE SYSTEM

Bear in mind that the body first line of defence is the immune system;failure of this system,the body is automatically vulnerable to infectious diseases and sickness.Therefore,practice of healthy living such as the below mentioned will go a long way in strengthening the immune system::
  1. maintain a healthy body weight
  2. getting adequate sleep is necessary
  3. minimize stress
  4. maintain adequate hygiene
  5. exercise regularly
  6. avoid excessive smoking or complete abstinence
  7. take moderate alcohol

  •    IMPROVING IMMUNITY WITH DIET: Good balanced diet is a powerful reinforcement  to the immune system.Research have shown that malnourished person is more vulnerable to disease than well nourished individual.Therefore,diet deficient in various vital element like zinc,copper,selenium,iron,iodine,vit.A e.t.c disturbs the immune balance thereby leading to immune suppression and possible sickness
  •  STRESS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM: Stress is a silent immune suppressor and may be short lived.For instance emotional stress can predispose the individual to heart failure and other sicknesses like common cold e.t.c.Mental stress as well can lead to hypertension.
  •  EXERCISE AND IMMUNE SYSTEM: Regular exercise is part of good living strategies; exercise increases blood circulation,improve cardiovascular activity,lowers blood pressure,controls body weight and protects against disease. It's role in circulation aids in transportation of immune chemicals round the body.
  • USE OF NATURAL HERBS & ROOTS: Traditionally, in the ancient; people have improved their immune system through the use of some natural herbs and roots. Example; garlic, ginger, bitter leaves e.t.c has been used by ancient people to raise the antibody level against some infectious diseases due to their powerful active ingredients.